Ad-Blocker Pro
We all hate ads on sites, don’t we? Ad-Blocker Pro for iOS is an ad blocking app for your Safari browser. It blocks all ads over the web so that you have a splendid browsing experience.
Compatible with: iOS 9 & up
Why Use Ad-Blocker Pro?
Every iOS user wants to stay safe while browsing the internet. Ad-Blocker Pro is fairly about optimization, speed and security! You can block all ads on the internet so that you have a better browsing experience.
Saves Mobile Data

With Ad-Blocker Pro enabled, you can save a considerable amount of mobile data by blocking unwanted ads so that they are never loaded.

Every website that has ads uses a lot of your data. That’s because when you launch a website, the ads get loaded in the form of banners. Blocking these ad sections will let you browse even faster and also save you data.

No ads in browsing

Ads are annoying! Especially when they appear in the form of pop-ups & flashy banners. They interrupt our surfing experience.

Ad-Blocker Pro ensures you visit your favorite sites or any other sites seamlessly without the appearance of ads so that you can sift around the site without being interrupted.

Faster Browsing

Yes, Ad-Blocker Pro speeds up your browsing. How? By simply blocking ads and disabling tracking scripts injected into sites to track your online behavior.

Ads are a part of a website. Some are flashy & heavy, which is why a website is slow while it completely loads. Disabling these ads speeds your browsing by 2 times!

Safer Browsing for children

It is important for children to visit only those websites that do not have intrusive content. Children under the age of 18 require parent supervision on the web as well.

Ad-Blocker Pro ensures a safer browsing for children since most of the intrusive ads are blocked. And if you do not want your child to visit a specific website, you have the control to blacklist that website.

Disables Tracking

When you surf the internet, websites track your online behavior since they have tracking scripts injected. Your browsing habits are analyzed which might not be safe.

Ad-Blocker Pro disables tracking scripts on websites you browse so that you have a safe & secure browsing.

Blocks Social Plugins

Websites may have social plugin icons like Facebook comment boxes & like icons, Google+ icons etc. You have the control to block these plugins from loading.

Even if you don't tap on these buttons, they send requests to social networks’ servers which then use the information to create a profile based on your browsing habits.

Ad-Blocker Pro installs directly into Safari once enabled. You can then see ads being blocked and browsing getting speedy.

Ad-Blocker Pro blocks all ads from appearing on webpages you visit. All flashy ad banners, annoying & intrusive ads will be blocked from viewing. This ensures you browse the web ad-free.


All social buttons like Facebook 'Like', Google+ '+1', Twitter 'Tweet' and other social networking buttons will be blocked from viewing. This loads pages faster.


Social comments on a website may be intrusive and annoying. And loading the comments consumes mobile data. Ad-Blocker Pro blocks these comments & their boxes from websites.


Most websites are injected with scripts that are used to hack your browser informations. Ad-Blocker Pro disables these scripts to ensure you have a safe surfing.


For every site that you browse, there are ad firms that keep a track of your online activity and browsing history. With Ad-Blocker Pro, you can browse the web anonymously without being tracked.


The use of special fonts on websites lets your pages load slow. This is why Ad-Blocker Pro displays only default fonts instead of special fonts.


To ensure safe browsing for children, you can block websites from being loaded by adding the URL to the ‘Block URL’ list. These sites will be blocked from loading.

Get, Set, Go Ad-Free

With Ad-Blocker Pro, you can browse the web safely and without ads. From better surfing to prolonged battery life, this app lets you make the web a better place. Go ahead and download it from the App store here.

Compatible with: iOS 9 & up
Users Reviews and Testimonials
Experiencing better browsing
After enabling this content blocker, I am now able to browse faster. Haven't seen any unacceptable ads till now. Superb app.
Taylor Johnson - Homemaker
Saved my mobile data
After ads have disappeared, I could see a massive change in my mobile data. I have saved a lot of mobile data since then.
Morris Vargas - Designer